Use Google Analytics To Monitor Your Website Traffic

05/02/2020 by digitwitt

Google Analytics is Google’s free web analytics tool & also one of the most powerful digital software for tracking the people who visit your website as well as analysing the traffic on your website.

Google Analytics gives you detailed & quality information about your visitors & actions what they take on your website. Through this you can know who are visiting your site, what they are looking for, how long they are staying on your site, how they are getting to your site, at which pages they are targeting on your site.

If you want to expand and grow your business on the internet, then you should definitely be using Google Analytics. Because almost all the businesses have an online presence through their website. It is very important for you to know the inner part of your website to see whether it is achieving its goal or not.

Use Google Analytics To Monitor Your Website Traffic

Google Analytics breaks the whole information into 5 reports:

Real-Time: Right now what is happening on your website?

Real-Time report shows right now how many people are on your website, from which location they came, which pages they are looking at, at which keywords they are targeting.

If you run new campaign on your site, then with this report you can monitor whether this campaign is being viewed or not, because it shows live website data. The report also tracks and optimizes the performance of campaigns & monitors the immediate effects on traffics.

Audience: Who are visiting your website?

Audience report provides the information about who has visited your website. This report includes the users, new users, sessions, no. of sessions per user, page views, bounce rate etc. The Audience section provides demographic information about the visitors like their age, gender, interests, devices, and location.

With this report, you can understand the interests of your audience and can optimize your website in accordance with their interests. You can also have a view on which kind of devices your audience uses & from which location they are coming and also get the language details.

Acquisition: How did people get to your website?

The Acquisition section tells you where your audience came from, such as through organic search, direct, referral or social media.

It also shows the no. of users, their behaviors & also their conversion rates in different source or medium. It determines which online marketing tactics bring the most visitors to your website.

With this report, you can analyse your all campaigns and also understand your strategy and objectives for each channel.

Behavior: What did people do on the website?

The behavior report shows you what did people do on your website. Within this report, you will see the most popular pages or contents on your website.

It helps you to keep a track of all the contents that receive views and shares. With this data, you can enhance the top most viewed contents, so that they refer to the audience in a more productive manner.

There are two reports which are helpful to understand what content or page people are most interested in, they are Landing pages report & All pages report.

Landing pages report shows you the page that receives the most traffic and below that, you’ll also see others that give you an idea of what content is attracting people to your website.

All pages report shows the top most pages on your website based on traffic as well as each page’s pageviews, unique pageviews, average time on page, no. of entrances, bounce rate, page value etc.

Conversions: Which activities did people complete on your website?

Conversions report measures how well your website fulfils your target objectives. It helps you to track how much your business is moving ahead and progressing.

You can also assign a number of goals that will help you to track your audience’s journey based on their actions.

Google Analytics provides you valuable insights which is used to improve the performance of your website as well as increase the conversions.

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