Role of Online Reputation Management In Digital Marketing

05/02/2020 by digitwitt

Online Reputation Management (ORM) describes your business image on the internet. ORM is the process of regulating your online conversation, negative reviews, SEO audit & social media strategies.

It helps in controlling and monitoring your business online presence. It checks out what a possible client will know about your brand, your service or your product when they conduct in search engine.

ORM in Digital Marketing plays an important role as it controls the negative feedbacks about your business & manages the entire business smoothly from search engines. If somebody adds some bad feedback about your business, then it can be removed from your reviews using the advantages of Online Reputation Management Services.

The concept of Online Reputation Management involves with inserting new content in online that pushes away the unwanted or bad content lower in the search. It helps to bring very big impact on your company’s revenue.

Role of Online Reputation Management In Digital Marketing

Many marketers think that ORM is a part of SEO methodologies which helps business to improve the search engine ranking. But ORM is totally opposite from SEO, because SEO helps us to improve the search engine ranking by using different On page and Off page activities and ORM helps us to control the bad reviews of customers by pushing previous or unwanted reviews lower in search results so that you can attract more customers easily for your business.

There are 80-90% of the people who read online reviews before visiting a business and give thoughts about your company by what they discover on Google. They can simply search for your company and what you offer and after that they come up the good or bad reviews about your company.

Why ORM is important in Digital Marketing?

Improve sales: People are more attracted to the business who has more positive reviews that will help to increase your company’s revenue as well as your authority.

Build Credibility: Having an ORM strategy help you to turn a bad review into neutral or into a good one. It also helps you build credibility as a brand that takes responsibility about its customers and wants to improve the product.

Build a brand image: A good ORM service can help you to build your perfect brand image. It constantly monitors the responses what are coming from online which can help to create the desired brand image of your company.

Recruitment: A good online reputation attracts in applications in high volume for any job openings. It is no doubt that a good, qualified candidate will always come to a reputed company & do his or her research online before accepting an interview call or even applying to your company. Your company’s online reputation can only decide the candidate’s response for the job.

Online Reputation Management is not a one-day process to get the results. It requires frequent observing to see how you’re doing. You should always keep an eye on all your activities and your brand representation in online will only help you to improve your business in the long-term.

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