Free SEO Guide for Beginners - 2020

17/02/2020 by digitwitt

You'll get the most out of this Free SEO Guide for Beginners if your desire to learn search engine optimization (SEO) is exceeded only by your willingness to execute and test concepts.

The world of search engine optimization is complex and ever-changing, but you can easily understand the Basics of SEO, and even a small amount of SEO knowledge can make a big difference. Free SEO Guides are widely available on the web, including some of the Best & easily understandable guides like this!

Every day thousands of websites are created by users from all over the world. It is mandatory to promote a website after designing and development is done to get business in online

Website presence in 1st page of search engine like Google is very important to get more visibility and to get more clicks from users who are searching for a particular query in Google search box.

Each website owner has to create a website based up on their business requirement, products or services they are going to offer. When it comes to comes to promoting a website any site owner can promote their site using SEO

Free SEO Guide for Beginners - 2020

So what is SEO ?? and how can you be benefited using this freely ???

SEO : Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

“It is a process of getting any website in 1st page of search engines like google naturally for the targeted keywords using ON page optimization and Off page Optimization“ .

ON Page : Doing changes with in the website like url structure , content , metatags e.t.c

Off Page : Building back links for a website in high authority sites

Search engine robots crawls millions of webpages every day and adds the information in database ,whenever a user types a query in google search box it retrieves the search results based on the authority of the site

Benefits of SEO :

  • Increase organic traffic for a site
  • Increase ranking for high search volume keywords
  • Generate leads and turns visitors to buyers
  • Expands your business through out the world
  • Makes your website stands in No.1 position and ahead of your competitor ranking position


Ultimate guide to SEO ONPage Implementation

For any website On Page plays a major role in ranking and influencing search engine crawlers

On Page is a process of doing changes with in the website like coding, URL structure and many more

Important SEO ONPage factors

1.Keywords :

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they're the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called "search queries”.

If a person wants to hire a SEO Company, Before Hiring he will Google it including is location or Area or City such as “Best SEO Company in Bangalore”, "Best Digital Marketing company in Bangalore"

Free Keyword Research Tools:-

  • Google’s Keyword Planner
  • Uber Suggest

2.Title Tag :

  • It is the label for the browser and it appears in search results
  • Drives initial click for the users and appears in search results
  • Ideal length of characters : 55 (if more than 55 it shows dots in search results)

3.Description Tag :

  • It is the summary of the webpage
  • Length should be maximum 155 characters
  • Add the description with meaningful sentence and with targeted keywords with out stuffing
  • Use SEO Mofo snippet optimizer tool before you actually add in the webpage source code as it shows the snippet preview

4.Header Tags :

  • H1 to H6 are header tags for a webpage
  • Each Webpage should have web content
  • Web content should be divided in to paragraphs
  • Each paragraph should have heading
  • H1, H2 are the important header tags used for a webpage
  • Use targeted keywords in H1&H2

5.Alt tags :

  • Alternative text for users
  • Its helpful identifying the names of the images for slow loading browsers

6.URL Structure :

  • Avoid using long url structure with unnecessary special characters
  • Bad Ex :
  • Good Ex :

7.Depth of URL Structure:

  • After Domain name maximum depth of Directories should not be more than 4
  • Bad Example :
  • Good Example :

8.Robots.txt :


It is a text file which tells crawlers to crawl the website or block the site

Termed as Allow or Disallow

Code to be used : User agent : * Allow : / Allow all crawlers from all content
User –agent: * Disallow: / Blocks all crawlers from all content
User-agent : Google Bot Disallow:/Books Block a specific web crawler from a specific folder
User-agent: Googlebot Diasallow:/services/advertising.html Block a specific web crawler from a specific webpage

Add the required code,save the file name as robots.txt and upload the file in root folder of server

9.Sitemap :

  • It is an xml file which consists of all urls of a website
  • Sitemap is for crawlers to visit the website and add the urls in the database
  • Makes faster indexation of all urls in search results
  • Update the sitemap in webmasters if any new or old urls are added

10.Canonicalization :

Loading Same pages from Mutiple urls without creating Duplication Error

Solution :

Place tag in the source code of your preferred url Case sensitive urls :

Above 2 urls are loading same page which is duplicate in view of crawlers and important factor to change here is to remove capital letters in url structure and always small letters

11.Bread Crumb Structure : :

It is the navigation for the user to move front and back pages in the website

To give a clear path to user all ecommerce sites uses bread crumb navigation now

It increases internal links strength

Code to be used

Home > Clothes & Fashion Accessories Shorts, Skirts & Jeans

301 Redirection :

The 301 redirect is a permanent redirect page Page completely moved to new url or new address

Whenever there are 404 broken links for the site 301 has to be done to get rich user experience

Even in search engine point of view important broken links or renamed urls has to be redirected to working pages or new urls

Custom 404 Error :

Custom 404 error page is required for all the wrongly typed urls(pages which are not existing in the site) in the site

These urls when typed in browser shows page not found in the server

So a custom 404 page has to be designed and give links to working pages or home page Ex :

Another method :

Permanently redirecting all not found urls to home page

Ex: ( it immediately redirects to home page i.e Code to be added in error document file to create custom 404 error :

ErrorDocument 404

12.Web content Optimization :

Web content Optimization

Check web content in every webpage for plagiarism Ex: Duplichecker

Spam Content types

Content Scraping : Content scraping is taking the content from one site and reusing it on another site

Same Site Duplication : Duplicate content present in same site in different pages and in internal blogs Do not index the content but follow the links on the page

13.Importance of Hyphens in Url structure :

Redirect Url structure from underscores to hyphens



Google Considers each hyphen as word separator

Set Preferred Domain in webmasters :

14.Website Loading Speed :

Check loading speed of your website using Ideal loading time should be 2 seconds

If its more than 2 seconds check the size of images ,minimize javascript , avoid excessive flash images in the webpages

Text to Html Ratio minimum 20%


Google does not index pages with low Text to HTML ratio

Google will penalize my site if my page is more than 100KB


Higher Html to text Ratio is to increase user experience



Getting reputation for a website depends on linking with authority sites and this can be possible using Off-Page in SEO

Off-Page is basically used to build backlinks for any website with high authority sites

Off-Page plays a major role in gaining ranking and reputation for a site

Alexa rank , Moz rank and Page rank for any site will be gradually improved if there is a proper offpage optimization strategy

Every search result a snippet, changes in SERP(search engine results pages) because of ONpage and Offpage

Important methods used for promoting a website in SEO Offpage

1. Directory submissions

  • It is a process of adding website or website url to a web directory and it is one of the popular form of link building
  • Top directory submission sites : Dmoz, Yahoo directory,Aol e.t.c

2. Social Bookmarking

  • Saving favourite urls in online is termed as Social Bookmarking
  • Most of the sites give instant backlinks which increases the site authority for a website
  • These services allow you to tag news stories, blogs, videos, audio files

Top bookmarking sites :, ,,

3. Forum Submission

Forum link building/Posting service is a SEO technique which helps in building back links to your website.

Forum Posting is an Internet Marketing service which uses forum communities to build inbound links.

Find the relevant forums using syntax like keyword : forums

Ex : webdesign : forums

Forum search engine :

Threads are called questions

Replies are called answers

Procedure :

Register in the forum site

Click the user control panel

Fill the profile details and add the url to get a backlink

Click save changes and take the destination url

Participate in relevant forums and reply to questions to get more traffic and backlinks

4. Business Profile Creation

To get more traffic from business listing sites website owners need to analyze the type of business they are in to and submit in top local business listing sites like yellow pages , just dial , indiamart,hotfrog ,yelp e.t.c

Procedure :

Register in the site and enter the business details like company name , working hours, services ,top priority keywords ,address, contact no , images , videos , e.t.c

Local people who are looking for a particular product or service in local search engines finds these listings more suitable and more chances to enquire .

Benefits :

Getting a permanent backlink from high authority site

Generates more leads in online from the business listing portal

Faster indexation in search results for the targeted keywords

5. Article Submission

Article submission is a process of submitting article about a product or service in article submission sites

It’s a part of content marketing

An article consists of title , article body of about 500 words , author biography

Rules for writing an article :

  • Select the title of the article based on the topic you have chosen
  • Tool : Hub spot blog topic generator
  • Enter a keyword in the above tool and it will give you the different titles for your article
  • Article should be minimum 500 words with 1% keyword density ( 1 targeted keyword for 100 words )
  • Use combinational keywords to get faster indexation instead of stuffing the same keyword for 5 times

Register in the article submission site and select the proper category to submit the article

Enter title , summary of the article , category, article body , author biography

2 hyperlinks can be given in each article using href tag or insert hyper link option

Give links for targeted keywords to get backlinks from the high authority article submission sites and take the destination url after submission

Check the plagarism of any article using tools like, e.t.c

Promote unique content in article submission sites to get approval for the original articles

How to do competitor backlinks analysis in SEO

Before competitor backlinks analysis in SEO we will see the different types of links

Link : Connection between two webpages or a webpage and a document

Backlink : links coming back from other sites to your site (also termed as inbound links)

Internal Links : Links present with in the site

Outbound links : Links which are going away from your site

Commonly these links are social Media plugins or other websites linked in footer

How to do competitor Backlink analysis to your website ???

For every website there will be some position in search results for some targeted keywords,

Ex: is coming in 6th position for some keyword “billing machine manufacturers ”

All other sites which are coming in search results are your competitors , but consider top 5 competitors because they are ranking ahead of your search snippet. Popular tools used to find competitor backlinks : ( paid ) ( paid) (paid)

How to check your competitor backlinks for free :

Type links : in google to see any website backlinks

Lets discuss a paid tool called and explore the important features

Create an account in this tool and login

Click Siteexplorer and enter the site URL

Under inbound links : select new option

Referring domains from which backlinks are coming for your website

Important metrics to check in tool :

  • No of referring domains
  • No of referring pages
  • Anchor text used by the competitors
  • Links coming from CTLD’s ( Country level top referring domains)
  • Link score or authority score of the backlink ( Find Domain authority , Page rank , Aexa rank of each back link to analyze and submit )
  • Do follow and No-follow back links

Doing Off-page and ON-page is not sufficient and its also required to analyze how the competitor sites are coming in top positions

Instead of searching for new sites in Offpage you can steal competitor backlinks and submit your website links in their referring domains.

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